Course Outlines

At Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs, we value each individual and strive to provide them with every opportunity to live fully and act justly. Our approach to teaching and learning is about providing experiences that allow all students opportunities to achieve their full potential. Everything we do at the College is designed to support and develop students academically, physically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.


Through the various curriculum opportunities which target the education of the whole person, our aim is to develop students who are:

  • independent learners
  • literate
  • numerate
  • capable of utilising a variety of thinking skills
  • able to demonstrate well developed skills for the future

Teaching and learning strategies used to achieve these aims should:

  • provide a broad, balanced, collaborative and integrated approach to learning
  • acknowledge and cater for the diversity of ways in which people learn
  • value girls and boys equally and respond to social, economic, cultural and learning needs equitably
  • foster a deep knowledge and appreciation of student and staff diversity
  • challenge the existing skills, talents and potential of all students and teachers


Please see our Course Outlines below:


Year 7 Course Outline Semester One


Year 8 Course Outline Semester One


Year 9 Course Outline Semester One


Year 10 Course Outline Semester One