CRC Caroline Springs Motto and Logo


Live Fully Act Justly


The College motto is made up of two components both of which are integral to the development of the whole person and both of these are represented in our school logo.

The first statement; live fully comes from the Gospel of John. Jesus is talking about his dream for us. His hope is that with direction and guidance and with people to lead us, we will have life and have it to the full. The mission of the school as part of the wider Catholic Church is to offer that guidance and direction and as a result enable our students to live their lives to the full. This aspect of our motto is represented in an artistic cross which encompasses the notion of life being lived abundantly, fully.

However, fullness of life can never be at the expense of others. Jesus' desire that we may have life to the full is not an invitation to do what ever we like whenever we like, it comes with a strong expectation of responsibility not only for ourselves but for others.

This leads us to the second part of our motto; act justly.

The guiding principle that determines how we live fully is justice; justice certainly towards self, but justice always for the other. In seeking to be the best we can be, we encourage others to be the best they can be. As we celebrate our success we also acknowledge the success of others. As we enjoy the many opportunities that we are provided we actively work towards providing those opportunities for others. We see this aspect of our motto in the traditional cross which firmly holds the artistic cross, representing the fullness of life. Together these phrases and crosses remind us of the God who came to live among us, who modeled a full, just life and who remains our constant reminder that we are called to be like him; to live life fully and to act justly.