College Philosophy

College Philosophy

Our school motto, Live Fully, Act Justly, makes two distinct claims on us as a Catholic school and invites us to recognise and appreciate the ‘fullness of life’ that the College community enjoys.

Our students are enthusiastic young people connected to their families who are genuinely interested in their wellbeing, and are connected to their parishes which have nurtured their minds and spirituality.

Connection to the Federation of Catholic Regional College means we enjoy the collegial support of others with whom we share our story and practice. We have access not only to resources and materials but to the wisdom, encouragement and support of others who share our mission. The facilities, those in existence and those planned for, provide us with the means of incorporating the latest in educational theory and technology. This opens us to possibilities, which are exciting and new.

Our claim to be a school community, which acts justly, challenges us to never take for granted what we enjoy.

We are called to ensure that our day-to-day contact reflects our commitment to be just to ourselves and to others. We are to seek actively for others what we ourselves experience; to share what we have, to question why others live without in a world which has enough for all, and to challenge structures and beliefs which work to keep people in poverty and oppression. Moreover, we are called to guard against complacency and comfort which can mask the call for us to do what is right and good and holy. In striving to live fully and act justly, we commit ourselves to being a community which builds on four cornerstones.

Learning: in all forms, styles and situations - formal and informal, mutual and collegial?Stewardship: of all in and of God’s creation - self, others and the world Compassion: which, guided by respect, moves us to action

Prayer: as a way of living and knowing

In all we do, say and are, our mission and privilege is to invite all in our community into a life lived in relationship with the God we proclaim and seek, in a world which awaits the fullness of God’s love.

Our motto, Live Fully, Act Justly, urges students to take every opportunity to make the most of what life has to offer, to strive to be their very best and, in doing so, to remember to be just to themselves and to others. We ensure that the curriculum and programmes offered at the College also reflect the values embedded in our motto. A student-centred approach to learning that ensures that all students are given every opportunity to reach their potential is the basis of our rich, diverse and faith-centred learning environment.

The college lives out its mission statement through the daily actions of all staff and students and is mindful of our Catholic ethos.