Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety 

Here are some resources from the Cyber Safety Presentation by ACMA representative Lesley Harrison. 

CyberSmart Parent Resources
Cyber Safety Help Button

Of course the Cyber Smart website is a great fountain of knowledge that we strongly encourage parents to use as a resource and to keep themselves up to date with changes in technology.


Social Networking

Social Networking has become second nature for most people, particularly teens. It has opened up a world of communication but with it has come a world of danger too. Too often social networking sites have become minefields in a war on personal safety and wellbeing. Follow these links to some resources that may help your family navigate the internet safely and harness social networking for positive outcomes rather than negative ones. 


Click - A Technology Guide for Parents

Family Internet Safety Contract

Internet Safety Contacts

Internet Safety House Rules

Online Safety



10 Tips to Stay Safe Online

ACMA Cybersmart