Counselling Services


Along with our College Psychologist, we offer access to an onsite counselling service at the College for students who are experiencing personal problems, behaviour issues or mental health concerns. The counsellors help students develop useful strategies for change and suggest approaches that can help students access support from their family and community. Members of the Student Wellbeing Team have some training in counselling and are skilled at assisting families to utilise wellbeing and counselling services in the community.

In addition to Student Wellbeing Team members, the College also has a College Psychologist who can assist in providing further counselling and support to students. Teachers, Student Wellbeing Team members and parents are able to refer students for counseling. Additionally, students are also able to self-refer.

All counselling sessions with our Student Wellbeing Team, the College Psychologist  or the external onsite counselling services are confidential, except in circumstances where there is a risk of harm to the student or to any other person.

Please contact your child’s Homeroom Teacher or the Student Wellbeing Team Leader if you or your child feels that they would benefit from counselling support.