Student Wellbeing Policies and Procedures


Processes and Practices for Creating a Positive Culture 

“Wellbeing has a prevention and early intervention focus and involves whole school approaches with an emphasis on school organisation, ethos and environment, community links and partnership, and curriculum teaching and learning.” Student Wellbeing Research Document 1 2006 – CEOM

At Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs, student wellbeing is the responsibility of the entire College. Underpinned by our College motto, Live Fully – Act Justly, student wellbeing aims to foster students’ ability to live a life filled with learning, stewardship, compassion and prayer. Student wellbeing is concerned with the holistic development of the young people entrusted to our care, with particular emphasis on their mental, social and emotional wellbeing and their relationships with their families, with staff and with each other. Thus, student wellbeing is concerned with students, their problems and issues, and their behaviours.

As developing young people, there will be times in which students behave inappropriately. Research clearly demonstrates that student wellbeing is enhanced where students have a good relationship with staff at their school. For this reason, a restorative approach is favoured by the College as a means of dealing with inappropriate behaviour. This approach ensures the students are always respected, that they understand the effects of their behaviour and work towards restoring relationships with those affected by their poor choices.

Wellbeing processes

A variety of processes, procedures, strategies and behaviours have been put in place to develop and maintain student wellbeing and a positive learning environment. The innovative curriculum is designed to appeal to student interest, and staff are encouraged to use a range of strategies, from seating plans to Circle Time, to ensure they create a classroom environment conducive to learning. 

The  College is committed to the Restorative Practices Approach to discipline and creating cohesive community. This is supported by our Case Management Approach to Student Wellbeing whereby a student travels with a Student Wellbeing Leader for the duration of their time here at the College.

Staff and students developed a College Agreement of respectful behaviours to which all students must conform.