College Agreement


1. Put effort into your day.

2. Respect – Positive language and behaviour.

3. No Bullying.

4. Respect equipment, property and the environment.

5. Follow instructions the first time.

6. Be organised – on time, with all required equipment.

7. Wear the correct uniform with pride.


Affective Questions

  • Staff use these questions when discussing incidents with students.
  • Staff focus on the specific behaviours or incident without blaming
  • Staff use ‘relational’ questions to draw out who was affected and how they were affected
  • Staff direct questions toward problem solving what need to happen to ‘make things right’

1. What happened?

2. How did it happen?

3. What was your part in it?

4. Who do you think was affected?

5. How were they affected?

6. How were you affected?

7. What needs to happen to make things right?

8. If the same situation happens again, how could you behave differently?


Affective Statements

  • Reflect on the impact that the behavior or incident has had on you and others.
  • Consider the effect on other students, the class, the year, other teachers, parents or the school community as a whole.